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Patrice Olivier-Wilson
Patrice Olivier-Wilson
& Stephen Wilson







Ralph Sharp, web designer

I have known Patrice Olivier-Wilson for over twenty years as a fellow web designer through our mutual participation in an online email forum devoted to discussions regarding web design. I can confidently and truthfully say that she is very knowledgeable in the many different aspects of website design and search engine optimization. She consistently has been a guiding light in the web design community, and has always been very generous with her time and advice, freely sharing her extensive knowledge with others who are in need of help.

The websites she has designed are clean, efficient, and oriented with a laser like focus on the goals that her customers have set, whether it be to convey information, to entertain, or to sell a particular product or service. When the time came for me to move on from my duties as a web designer, I recommended Patrice to take over the web design and maintenance duties for my oldest and most valued customer. Her redesign of the website for maximum efficiency and commercial productivity has made my prior customer very pleased and grateful for all the excellent work she has done for them.

I recommend Biz-comm very highly to anyone seeking to maximize their return on investment of their web design and marketing budget. Patrice uses the latest, up-to-date equipment — both hardware and software — to achieve a high level of efficiently and productivity. You’ll get more “bang for your buck” from Biz-comm than any other web design company I know of. Her personal approach of working closely with customers to determine their needs and wants makes collaborating with her on projects much more effective and enjoyable than dealing with larger design companies that can’t or won’t take the time to get to know their customers in the same way that Patrice can and will. If you become a client of Biz-comm, you will undoubtedly will be pleased with the results, and will not be let down when in need of continued support.

Mal Graifman, Professional Home Improvement

I have been working with Patrice for over 25 years with terrific success. She has always cleaned up whatever IT mess I got myself into. She is the reason my business has grown over the years. Her expertise is boundless. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in staying on the cutting edge of todays technology with no worries. Simply stated, She’s the Best in the Business!

Jeff Cohen, Canada & Klein

I stumbled across Patrice and Biz-Comm many years ago (2002) when I wanted and needed to have a web site for my construction business. Patrice was so helpful, knowledgeable, experienced, creative and just plain nice. It wasn't a difficult decision to use her for my online presence. Over the years, we have tweaked the site and changed the software. Additionally, she and her people have perfectly maintained my site with almost no issues whatsoever for many, many years. A wonderful additional benefit of our relationship is that, when I need some graphic design work, such as business cards, stationary, etc., Patrice is always extremely helpful, savvy, patient and responsive. In sum, I can't recommend them more highly. She is the best!

Ann Gread, Fullerton Heritage

So excited about the new look of the Fullerton Heritage website. When our previous webmaster retired in early 2022, she was concerned about our site. She reached out to her network through a forum and found us Patrice at Biz-Comm. Working with Patrice has been a pleasure. We are especially grateful for her attention to detail and making it easy for us to make simple changes ourselves. Our site contains a lot of content. Having it user friendly is very important. Thank you Biz-Comm/Patrice!

Lindsay Shalata, Shalata's Land Clearing

Patrice was great to work with! Once we decided to start a website and started working with Patrice, the process went very smoothly and the website was completed quickly. She is very dedicated to her business and pays close attention to detail. She had a lot of great ideas, compiled the information and designed the website to portray the business very well. I would highly recommend Patrice for your website needs.

Mirvat Salameh, A&G Builders

Biz-Comm has allowed A&G Builders to elevate its online presence and build a strong digital footprint. The quality of Biz-Comm's work is demonstrated by the amazing website it designed for our business. Their attention to detail, continuous follow up, and strong understanding of marketing has allowed A&G Builders to receive new leads by reaching new clients and providing interested homebuyers with an opportunity to view our portfolio. Biz-Comm is simply the best there is.

Clare Suhanich, photographer

I am Clare Suhanich. I decided I needed a web page to showcase my photos. I reached out to Patrice to help with this new world. She developed a web site that is unbelievable. It shows my photos in a way I couldn't have dreamed. She also took her time to teach me this NEW world. I am not an expert but I know if I need help, I can reach out to her and she will show me the right way. I will recommend her to my fellow photographers. Thanks for all the help and teaching me.

Janine Leete, Collaborative Testing Services

Patrice at Biz-comm was a joy to work with. She exceeded our expectations on all fronts, and we were able to launch two sophisticated corporate sites with e-commerce capabilities in a short timeframe. Patrice's approach to site design broke the project down into manageable components and enabled us to hone in on desired site functionalities and create appropriate content. We were quite particular about certain features, and Patrice seemed to welcome the challenges we presented to her. DDH Design created a series of fun icons to 'brand our numerous programs and even tweaked our logo for the most effective look. The end result are eye-catching, responsive websites that are earning compliments and, most importantly, efficiently selling our services to current and new customers.

Linda Carso, Carso California Coaching

Hello, Patrice. Let me start by saying that the writing of a professional review (for anyone) is something that I don't take lightly. I checked out all of the reviews on your website, and the affirmations recorded there absolutely ring true with my own experiences about working with you. Your work is excellent -- period. That said, I would like to add this: Somehow, you are gifted with a keen intuition about how to ask the right questions. I did not truly know my own specific needs/expectations for the new business website. You were patient in drawing me out -- you asked the pertinent questions, and did not permit me to duck or dodge your inquiries. This is not my “first rodeo,” nonetheless, I have never benefited more from any other professional collaboration. Thank you!

Dr. Patricia Velkoff

Collaborating with Patrice for my business has been consistently first-rate. Whether dealing with graphics, copy editing, layout, or print materials, quality and an eye for detail have been stellar. Highly recommended. You've come to the right place for marketing and business communications! After I worked unsuccessfully with several local logo designers in Northern Virginia, Patrice provided multiple creative choices that perfectly captured the spirit of my idea. Her website design was meticulous, with a range of suggestions based on her broad experience. She has also been consistently accommodating and wise if we needed to work through different ideas on both appearance and function. She goes the extra mile, always.