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Client Work in Progress

Using the emailed username and password, use the links to check your current project's progress.

Email accounts on Biz-comm

Please note that Biz-comm will help as much as we can to assist clients in setting up their email accounts on various devices. But we are not IT networking folks. Clients are responsible to knowing how to use their own email clients, set them up, etc. Our job is to make sure the server is working properly, and can not trouble shoot individual computer set ups. That said, we will try to help as much as we can but it is up to each client to understand how to set up and use email on their particular devices. Please note that this is outlined in our contract.

New Clients: Print out this page for reference. If you don't print this out and get blocked from server, you won't be able to access this page. Please print and save!

Important note: not all Internet Service Providers (ISP), example, Earthlink, allow you to use your domain name as OUTGOING server. In those cases, which are rare, you must use your ISP's OUTGOING server settings.

Attn Comcast users: Comcast doesn't allow 25 as the port number for outgoing server. Use 465 or 587.

Biz-comm server variables:

1) It is a POP3 account. WE DO NOT SUPPORT IMAP on your computer. If you choose to set up an IMAP account on your main device, you will exceed your server allotment and your mail will fail at some point. We do not provide support for IMAP accounts. This information refers to your MAIN device, ie, desktop computer as an example. Use IMAP on tablets and phones. Your main device is the one that clears out the email from the server.

2) Your "user" name is the full email address

3) Incoming and outgoing server settings are the same: (where is your domainname)

When using Outlook or Mac Mail, or other, set it to leave on server for a month. That way, should your computer crash you will have a few days of back up.


If you cannot receive or send email, AND cannot connect to ANY website, you are not online.

Please reboot computer, reset wireless connections, or as last resort contact your internet provider (Charter/Comcast/Verizon, etc.).

If you cannot receive or send email, AND cannot connect to your web site or to Biz-comm site, BUT CAN connect to other web sites...

Go to and send tell us the large number on the top of the page.  This is your local IP address and we can whitelist it. The server firewall may be blocking the connection if you tried to login with incorrect information repeatedly within a short period of time. This is a security measure, and may happen if you've set up a new email account, or have tried to log into your admin area and have a typo in your user name or password. This IP number can change over time, so whenever you install a new router, or change ISP, be sure to send us the new IP of your computer or LAN.

If you can receive but not send email, but CAN connect to your web site...
The problem is most likely an email account set up incorrectly. You may use WebMail as a work around until resolved. You can access webmail via your website of where domainname is YOUR domain name.
Port 25 Blocking
Note: If you are using your own mail server, or gmail or yahoo, or having your email forwarded to another address, you need to contact the administrator of that server or address in most cases.
On Biz-comm servers, if you have a problem sending email but can receive it, it may be  a change by your ISP. Outgoing email default is on Port 25, and some ISPs block it without advance notice. Comcast is one in particular.
To fix, change your outgoing mail server port from 25 to 587 or 465. You will have to experiment to see what works best for you on each device. (As an example, Patrice uses 465 on iphone, 587 on ipad and 25 on desktop. Those are what worked. Experiment. Each ISP is different.)

Virus software:
If you have installed virus software (example, you will need to whitelist your new email account settings in order to send and receive new emails. Do this within the virus software interface.


NOTE: directions call for username in demo. Your username is your full email address not just the (name) @ domain. So enter your full username of

NEW: Adding your email to a Gmail account.  Select OTHER

Windows 8 Mail

Outlook in Windows 8

Older Outlook


Outlook details

Edge Outlook

A link to Mac Mail can't send issue

A link to troubleshooting Mac Mail

Often asked:

Q: Can I use IMAP instead of POP?

A: You can use IMAP on your secondary devices (such as iphone or ipad), but your primary device needs to be set to POP. The device you use the most should be the POP account, set to save on server for a week or more.

Here's the reason why:

Biz-comm uses a dedicated server (not a cloud sharing account), with finite space. If all of our clients used IMAP only, it would eat up all the space on the server. With IMAP, the emails never get deleted from the server. With POP, once you have downloaded the email to your computer, and after a set number of days (setting is in the email program), then those emails are removed from the server, keeping space open for new incoming mail. Because the settings are typically set to one week or one month, even if you get your email from your computer, it will still come in on your secondary devices (because it is still on server for a week/month). So it is fine to change your mobile devices, but leave your laptop on POP and use it at least once a week/month (depending on your settings) to clean out the server space.


Other resources:

Check your IP connection

Check to see if server is down


Biz-comm hosts clients on its dedicated servers. Biz-comm only hosts its own clients; we do not host clients not developed by Biz-comm. The advantages are many: a high level of security, only Biz-comm has server root access, low traffic, high speed and reliability. 

When Biz-comm develops a new site, it includes one free year of hosting ($360 value). A second free year can be granted when a client refers a new client to Biz-comm for website development.

Biz-comm does not accept projects hosted on other servers. All servers are not created equal. In order to provide the full extent of our services, we require a server to have all the software installed that we use. The time it would take to get 'root' access changes from a non-Biz-comm server makes designing for another server unprofitable for Biz-comm. To help with the transition, Biz-comm gives the first year of hosting FREE to web clients.

Server Specifications

Biz-comm's servers are located in Vancouver BC in a secure data center featuring redundant UPS and diesel generator power systems making it able to sustain any possible power outages, as well as military-grade pass card access are used to ensure total security in the facility. In addition, a Network Operating Center (NOC) team monitors and manages the network 24x7x365 to ensure 100% uptime. Redundant HVAC Systems, climate control with particle filters and humidity control create optimal conditions on site for severs and system operation and eliminating any hardware failures caused by the environment conditions.

In addition to Biz-comm staff monitoring the servers' uptime, technical staff monitors uptime, virus alerts, and security issues.  Nightly back-ups to a second server protects against data loss should a server fail.

Website uptime statistics - monitoring service

The first year of hosting is free. Subsquent hosting fees are $1/day payable before hosting begins.






Content Management Systems

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Variety of support programs


From creating a customized employee task list, viewable online, to shopping carts, to project costs to set product price, to membership organizations with personalized log ins, Biz-comm can deliver. Ask us about your project. It is doable.